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Leslie Huddart, L.A.c

Leslie is a healer and spiritual guide with over a decade of experience in natural health. She has studied Shiatsu and Reiki in Japan, Thai bodywork in Thailand, lived at a yoga ashram in India and has received direct mentorship from spiritual masters in a Vedic lineage. She also has a clinical degree in acupuncture from a top-rated acupuncture school in the US.

Leslie uses a mind-body-soul approach to stress, headaches, digestive disorders and women’s health. In doing so, she has developed the Body Wisdom Method which is a somatic-based approach that helps the body re-establish its energetic connection, release old patterns, and frees you to live as your truest self. Overall, her clinical work is influenced by Chinese herbal medicine, homeopathy, biotherapeutic drainage, applied kinesiology and somatic therapy.

What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture restores homeostasis in the body. Homeostasis is the internal balance of every system and in a fundamental way, disease, injury and/or significant physical changes will disrupt homeostasis.

Acupuncture also stimulates the peripheral, central and autonomic nervous systems  which result in pain reduction, relaxation, and a decrease in inflammation. Other benefits from acupuncture include regulation of blood pressure, decrease in pain receptors, optimization of gastric and intestinal motility, temperature regulation, balancing hormone levels, and reduction of the effects of stress. Patients report feeling relaxed during the treatment and revitalized or rested after the session. Symptom relief may occur immediately or in the few days following treatment. For longstanding complaints and chronic issues, more than one treatment is generally required.

What does Acupuncture feel like?

Each person experiences Acupuncture differently. However, during the insertion of needles, some people feel nothing, while others experience a quick twinge which may be followed by a light tingling, heaviness or warmth. Brett can use different techniques to tailor treatments to the patient’s needle-sensitivities. The needles generally remain in place for approximately 20 minutes.