AlfaSight 9000

Regulated Thermometry Guidelines

The AlfaSight system provides a comprehensive assessment of the neurologically controlled terrains that create or sustain disease environments.  It can pinpoint root causes of disease with objective and dynamic mapping of physiological dysfunction.

A safe, accurate & non-invasive whole-body assessment:

  • Excellent first step in patient care
  • Patients gain insight into the true underlying causes of their symptoms
  • increase comprehension of dynamic physiology and its relationship to disease conditions
  • reveals severity and diagnostic criteria clearly
  • Provides empirical data to evaluate treatment efficacy and track patient progress over time
  • Its not toxic and non-invasive




How it works:

Infrared measurements of skin temperatures from 90-120 body points are taken before and after exposure to an ambient room temperature. Alfasight measures the differences between the two temperatures taken before and after, then compares this data to a database of healthy patients and reveals deviations that identify patterns of dysfunction.