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Quantum Healing

The CyberScan Professional is the most advanced, FDA approved biofeedback device utilizing state-of-the-art biocybernetic technology based upon the patents and technologies of the physicist Nikola Tesla.

The device is capable of scanning a person’s morphogenetic field, also called a biofield or energy field. CyberScan yields a comprehensive report on the physical, emotional and mental health status of the individual. It identifies irregularities and imbalances in the body and mind then imprints the balancing frequencies needed to address these conditions onto an isotonic water solution which delivers the balancing information to the client’s immune system.

CyberScan also generates a personalized EE card that serves as protection from geopathic stress and high-frequency electromagnetic fields.


The most advanced scalar energy system for immune support and bio-energetic regeneration.


Every single cell in our body is surrounded by a morphogenetic field. Collectively, the fields are the vibrational patterns, or blue prints for the physical body. CyberScan takes a scan of a person’s morphogenetic field and determines whether it resonates with any of the digitized scans in the extensive database created by the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research lab. With over 100,000 markers, CyberScan uses an algorithm to determine which conditions are the most pressing. The primary purpose of the CyberScan Professional is to identify major health concerns and restore equilibrium by sending the body a constant stream of focused scalarwave information to stimulate healing and self-regulation.

A healthy dose of weak electromagnetism is essential to life, however, high-frequency electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are harmful especially when there is long-term exposure. Aside from man-made highfrequency EMFs, there are harmful EMFs emitted by the Earth which can interfere with proper cell function. CyberScan produces an Electronically Encoded (EE) card which protects against harmful electromagnetic frequencies like radio and WiFi signals, cell phones/towers and all electronics. The EE card is a high density magnetic card encoded specifically for each client.

Geopathic stress, or exposure to harmful forces emitted by the Earth and electromagnetic pollution bombard us constantly. The EE card protects against
these forces.

The Benefits of CyberScan Biofeedback:

• stimulate improvement of systemic functions
• Enhance mental clarity and focus
• benefit all levels of well-being: physical, emotional and mental.
• reduce stress and nervousness
• promote relaxation
• empower people to make lifestyle changes to promote health and wellness.
• Improve sleep
• reduce aging factors
• enhance muscle motility, coordination, flexibility and sports performance

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