What are doshas?

In the west we talk of energy while in the east the same concept is referred to as elements. There are five energies or elements in our universe: nuclear energy or space element, electrical energy or air element, radiant energy or fire element, chemical energy or water element, and physical energy or earth element. In the human body not all are in their pure forms, thus ayurveda combines elements to give us the three doshas. Space and air combine to give us Vata dosha, the principle of movement and change or the electrical energy system of the body. Vata Dosha is closely related to the nervous system in the body. Fire and water give us Pitta Dosha or biochemical energy, the principle of transformation and heat generation. It includes all of the biochemical processes in the body: enzymes, hormones, and neurotransmitters. Earth and water combine to form Kapha dosha, the physical structure of the body.

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