Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda, a 5,000 year-old medical tradition from India, recognizes that each individual is unique and that there is no “one size fits-all” prescription, supplement, diet, or exercise regimen. Ayurveda utilizes natural therapies and lifestyle modifications to restore and maintain perfect balance in one’s body, mind, and spirit. Ayurveda states exactly what western medicine says, “At the time of conception from your parents you inherit a unique constitution.” Western medicine focuses on the physical level and calls it genetics. Ayurveda looks at the physical level, mental-emotional level and the spirit or energy level. We say that your constitution is an energetic signature that you inherit from your parents.

What are doshas?

In the west we talk of energy while in the east the same concept is referred to as elements. There are five energies or elements in our universe: nuclear energy or space element, electrical energy or air element, radiant energy or fire element, chemical energy or water element, and physical energy or earth element. In the human body not all are in their pure forms, thus ayurveda combines elements to give us the three doshas. Space and air combine to give us Vata dosha, the principle of movement and change or the electrical energy system of the body. Vata Dosha is closely related to the nervous system in the body. Fire and water give us Pitta Dosha or biochemical energy, the principle of transformation and heat generation. It includes all of the biochemical processes in the body: enzymes, hormones, and neurotransmitters. Earth and water combine to form Kapha dosha, the physical structure of the body.

How is Ayurvedic diagnosis different from a western medical diagnosis?

Ayurvedic treatment programs are highly individualized. Ayurveda helps me to recognize core imbalances that contribute to chronic illnesses and chronic symptoms that can be markers for future disease processes. I use Ayurvedic principles to treat women’s hormonal imbalances, digestive issues, fatigue/energy issues, and most chronic illnesses where western medication has little to offer. When I practice Ayurveda, I first try to figure out what your unique energetic signature is, then I look at what has gone out of balance and we try to bring you back into balance.

What happens during an initial consultation?

Our first visit will take one and a half hours. During that time, we will review your complete history all the way back to your childhood. I will then review any blood work that you have brought in from a more holistic perspective. Then I will do an Ayurvedic analysis of face, tongue, nails, and a complete pulse diagnosis. I will also incorporate western diagnostic tests and exams into the evaluation such as blood pressure if necessary. We will discuss what is going on from a western holistic point of view and from the ayurvedic point of view: I may also need to include further testing. We will then come up with a treatment plan that will work with your lifestyle and budget. The initial consult also includes a follow-up phone consultation from our office’s ayurvedic educator. She will review the treatment plan with you and will help you to implement the plan.

What is a Health Equations Analysis and how do you use it?

A health equation analysis is a unique in-depth analysis of a routine chemistry profile and CBC (complete blood count). It can help identify underlying causes of symptoms and diseases and can be especially helpful when one feels ill but the blood work is all “within the normal range”. It can also help assess cell hydration status, causes of high cholesterol, calcium activity, adrenal stress, liver stress, toxin load, and digestive functions. It paints a picture of the underlying strength or weakness of several cornerstones of health.

What is your view on personal health and diets?

We live in a world where every “diet guru” is trying to convince us that their diet will cure all of our ailments. Everyday we get news reports from scientists informing us that the latest study shows a particular food is good or bad for us. Often this year’s “good” foods are next year’s “bad” foods. Thousands of supplement and herb companies are trying to convince us that their product is the best for everyone. In reality, all foods, diets, herbs, and supplements can have some healing effects. More importantly, the true science and art of healing oneself is to know which foods are right for you, which diet balances your body, and which herbs and supplements best help your unique metabolic system.

What diet, and lifestyle formula is best for me?

Each person metabolizes food in a unique way. Therefore, there is no ideal diet or lifestyle that is right for everyone. To target a diet and supplement regiment that will optimize energy, optimize nutrient utilization, and help establish ideal body weight we need to ask the following questions:

  • Does one’s body burn carbohydrates, fats, or proteins more efficiently?
  • How well insulin is regulated (hypoglycemia, pre-diabetes, insulin resistance, or diabetes)?
  • Does one’s sense of well being and energy level depend on food or is it driven by the autonomic nervous system?
  • Is the sympathetic or parasympathetic nervous system more dominant?
  • What is the hydration status of the body?
  • Are remedies other than water needed to help the hydration status?
  • Are water, toxins, and nutrients being transferred efficiently in and out of each cell in your body?
  • Is the liver working properly?
  • How well is the digestive system working?
  • Is there an imbalance of the flora in the gut?

If we address these issues and balance the doshas, the body will naturally heal it self.

Is there an exercise regiment or treatment that is best for me?

Each body has a unique constitution that will benefit from an individualized exercise plan. For example, a predominance of Vata in the constitution would suggest a more gently flowing type of exercise. I might suggest biking, swimming, non impact types of dance or flow yoga. A Pitta type may require more playful, non competitive exercise such as salsa dancing. Kapha type generally can push themselves and do great in any type of competitive or endurance sport.

The body will then naturally heal its self if we address these issues.

How can I learn more about Ayurveda, and how it could work with my health concerns?

I believe that each person has the ability however to heal himself or herself. I work as a partner with my clients to discover what therapies are best suited to their unique constitution. I practice mind/body/spirit medicine and so might utilize a subtle spiritual or energetic therapy as well as herbs, diet and lifestyle recommendations.

Call 303-444-1999 to make an appointment for a consultation about your health concerns.

I also teach Ayurveda and offer group presentations and lectures.