Scalar Balancing

7614547CyberScan works exclusively with the immune system – humans, animals, and plants.

Our immune system exists to protect us from all kinds of illnesses, even against body cells that have degenerated and which can eventually turn into tumors and carcinoma (cancer).

Why is it that we humans – despite continual improvements in diet and medical care and a more comfortable life-style – are forced to battle against ever more illnesses and degenerative conditions?

We are constantly being told that our immune system is “weak”, and that we should strengthen it with commercially available products on the market.

In our experience, an immune system is disturbed when, for example, it is exposed to electromagnetic fields, magnetic fields, chemicals, pesticides/herbicides, hormones, geopathetic stress, radiation or other negative environmental influences. The immune system becomes like a blindfolded boxer: strong, but blind.

Cybernetic Biofeedback restores its sight! This is a two-step process:

1. Measurement of the morphogenetic energy field of the patient.

All the functions of the human body are controlled by electromagnetic signals (EM signals).

In our practice, in order to determine whether an immune system is subject to disturbances, we measure the morphogenetic energy field of the patient. According to the scale of the deviation from a balanced value, one can talk about an acute or toxic event, about a chronic illness or about degeneration.

2. Showing the causes of illnesses and disturbances.

We make use of an electronic library. This contains a comprehensive database of electromagnetic informational signals (EM signals). With this, we demonstrate possible disturbances and illnesses to the immune system (electro-magnetic information) – including those not previously recognized by it (for example, bacteria, viruses, fungi, chemicals, pesticides, metals, hormones, other illnesses etc.). If there is a resonance between the energetic sample of the patient and the EM signals in the database gain valuable information about the possible cause for the health problems.

The manner of the biocybernetic treatment follows quite specific rules and it works to restore equilibrium in the body’s state of energy imbalance and in its regulating circuits (bio-cybernetics).

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