Ayurvedic Spa Menu:

Abhyanga: $135, 90-minute treatment: 

A warm oil massage which balances the doshas and supports the movement of blood, lymph, and prana. Grounding, calming and nourishing

Marma :  $90, 60-minute treatment

A balacing massage which focuses on the vital ayurvedic energy points known as marma points

Swedana: $45, can be added on to any massage

Steam therapy with herbs or essential oils. Detoxifies, clarifies, eases muscular aches and pains.

Shirodara: $135, 90 minute treatment 

A continuous stream of warm herbal oil pours on the forehead and crown.  Deeply balancing to the mind and nervous system.

Garshana: $45, can be added to any massage

An expoliation massage with dry silk gloves.  Stimulates the lymph, cleanses and softens the skin.

Nasya: $90, 50-minute treatment

Head neck and shoulder massage and warm face compresses followed by herbalized nasal drops.  Helps with sinus congestion, headaches, and insomnia.

Netra Basti: $110, 50-minute treatment

A cleansing and soothing ghee bath for the eyes

Kati Basti: $110, 50-minute treatment

A penetrating, soothing, herbal oil bath for the back.  Helps low back pain and sciatica.

Pancha Karma: * call for pricing *


Dr. Nita Desai

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