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Abhyanga Ayurvedic Massage: A customized full body massage with herbal oil chosen for your Ayurvedic constitution.  Ayurvedic massage loosens toxins in the tissues, improves circulation of blood and lymph, lubricates the joints, restores energy and vitality, balances the doshas, and calms the mind. ($120-60 min)


“East-West Integrative” Massage: A masterful, intuitive flow of Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Ayurvedic massage to restore ease in body and soul.  The Integrative Massage session is designed to calm the mind and restore the nervous system while addressing any specific areas of concern. ($120 – 60 min)


Royal Abhyanga: The Royal Abhyanga begins with three potent Ayurvedic therapies: Marma Massage, Nasya, and Karna Purna.  After warm oil is poured onto the hairline and the head/face/neck are thoroughly massaged, Marma points will be activated with specialized techniques.  This will open the sinuses and pranic pathways and deeply balance the mind.   Warm compresses are then placed over the sinus area to turn the senses inward and open the channels further.  Ayurvedic Nasya drops are then administered gently into the nose.  For Karna Purna, warm oil is gently poured and held in the ear canal while Marma points on and around the ear are worked.   The effect is that of being held by the water element,  and it is deeply balancing to Vata dosha and the nervous system.   Following these therapies to the head, is a full body Ayurvedic massage.  You will leave feeling more energy, clarity, and peace. ($180 – 90 min) 


Shirodhara: This divine treatment begins with a head, neck, and face massage, Marma point activation, aromatherapy with sacred scents, and a ritual turning inward of the senses. Then, a warm stream of herbal oil cascades over the forehead and crown for some time. The effects are profound: a calm mind, enhanced intuition, restoration of the nervous system, clarity, and a deep sense of well-being. This crown jewel of Ayurvedic therapies can help restore restful sleep, support adrenal health, regulate the nervous system, and support balance on all levels.                  ($140 – 60 min)


Bliss Journey: Enjoy the benefits of a customized Ayurvedic Massage followed by Shirodhara! ($200 – 90 min) 

Royal Bliss Journey: Experience deep restoration of body and mind with this combination of our Royal Abhyanga followed by Shirodhara. ($260 – 120 min)


Five Pointed Star: Experience whole-body reflexology with extra focus and attention to the head, hands, feet, and torso. This treatment features the amazing Lymphstar machine, essential oils, warm river stones, and Marma point activation. A sacred anointing of body and soul which attunes and aligns the chakra centers and clears energetically. ($120 – 60 min) 


Himalayan Back Scrub: Our full-body Ayurvedic herbal oil massage is followed by a hand-blended Himalayan salt scrub for the back. The mineral rich salt will be combined with herbal oil and essential oils to exfoliate, enhance circulation, soften skin, and wake up your back. The warm towels that follow will leave you feeling restored and more in touch with your physical and subtle spine. ($150 – 75 min) 


Kati Basti: A back massage followed by Marma Point Activation, & an herbal oil bath for the lower back. Soothes lumbar/sciatic pain. Grounds the Vata dosha. ($110 – 60 min)


Ayurvedic Detox Journey: Garshana, Abhyanga, Nasya, and Swedana….four potent Ayurvedic therapies come together to clear  physical and subtle congestion. Garshana is a dry massage using raw silk gloves which activates the lymphatic system, alkalizes the blood, and clears energetically. This is followed by a full-body Ayurvedic massage, during which Nasya drops are administered into the nose to clear the sinuses, head, and pranic pathways. Following the massage is Swedana, an herbal steam for the body (excluding the head), which further dilates channels, melts toxins, and induces a therapeutic sweat to allow toxins to leave. You will come away feeling light and clear, grounded, at ease, and fully embodied. ($240 – 120 min)


Royal Ayurvedic Detox Journey: Everything described above in the Ayurvedic Detox Journey PLUS the crown jewel of Ayurvedic therapies known as SHIRODHARA. The warm flow of oil over the forehead, ajna, and Sahasrara chakras removes subtle ama (toxins) from the bodymind, leaving you with more clarity, peace, and well-being.  ($360 – 3 hrs)


Panchakarma: *please call 303-444-1999 for pricing*


Swedana: a purifying steam treatment with aroma therapy. Eliminates toxins, reduces stiffness, & beautifies the skin. (+$20)

Garshana: a 30 min. activating dry massage with raw silk gloves. Exfoliates & enhances the skin’s metabolism, stimulates the lymphatic system, & alkalizes the blood. (+$20)

Nasya: a stimulating cleanse of the sinuses, with a head, neck, & shoulder massage, along with herbal oil drops for the nose. Reduces kapha in the head, balances the mind, promotes clarity, relieves sinus congestion, & eases headache. (+$20)


Western Spa Menu

Swedish Massage: Classic full body massage to reduce stress, ease muscular pain, improve range of motion, & support the flow of blood & lymph. 

Deep Tissue: Deeper massage, utilizing various techniques – such as cross fiber, trigger points, & fascial strokes. Targets the deeper connective tissue layers & focuses on key areas of pain & tension.

Sports Massage: A Swedish style massage, suited to the needs of the athlete to maintain & improve conditioning, prevent injury, & increase recovery.

Prenatal Massage: A relaxing & soothing Swedish style massage suited to the particular needs of the expectant mother. Plenty of pillows for side lying support.

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